Grand Summoners tier list July 2024 (2024)

With our Grand Summoners tier list, you can get to grips with the best team comps to help you on your adventure through this gorgeous, pixel RPG. It can take a lot of work to grind your characters up until they’re strong enough to protect the realm of Raktehelm, and with our help, you can make sure you’re only focusing on building the best units for your battles.

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Here is ourGrand Summoners tier list:

  • Attacker
  • Sub Attacker
  • Breaker
  • Defender
  • Support

Grand Summoners attacker tier list

TierGrand Summoners character
SVox, Juno, Swordsman Berwick, Ruthless Demon Divine Celia, Samurai Rimuru, Luahn, Kisaragi, Riviera, Rem (Re:Zero), Dancing Scyther Reaper Veronica, Orvell, Kimono Milim, Batiste, Agent of Darkness Kane, Shuri, Gray Fullbuster, New Years Milim
ASaichi Sugimoto, Santa Shion, Bullet Hell Roy, Tamae, Illusory Twin Blades Melia, Benevolent Annihilator Marzex, Saitama, Garou, Grad, Hiei, Gran Brave, Angelas, Ganan, Inferno God Ifrit, Milim, Aesis, Alvina, Ginzo, Noel (True Velocity), Harbinger of Armageddon Marzex, Aluze, Goblin Slayer, Fallen Creator Kayas, Ragsherum, Hades Knight Emperor Regulus, Nui Harume, Ren Tao,Gabimaru, Lucy Heartfilia, Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel,Vultee,Dead Master
BRyuko Matoi, Dualblaze Master Orgah, Filo, Master of Dragons Louvet, Corsair, the Frozen Empress, Est, Shining Winged Emperor Daki, Emperor of Gods Freed, Leone, Child of Creation Alulu, Cygnet, Grohl, Clyde, the Crimson Sword God, Kane, Ninja Machina Jack, Kazuma, Dark Winged Swordsman Raki, Fatewyrm Dargeon, Mira, Conflagrative Annihilator Soleil, Sword Ruler Luda, Sonic, Rin & Luvia,Strength
CToshizo Hijikata, Holy Dragoness Rhodia, Aquarias Empress Yomi, Emerald Blademaster Vogue, Edram, Boros, Death Sickle Queen Lily, Vitz
DGreat Wolf Assassin Sly, Zeorg, Riana, Olgeth, Keiones, Mizyna, Abaddon, Blazing Axe Empress Rishley, Inferno Guardian Goddess Anna

Grand Summoners sub-attacker tier list

TierGrand Summoners character
SBerwick, Cestina, Norn, Emilia, Spy of Darkness Fen, Sakura Miku, God of Dragon Knights Weaver, Kurama, Yusuke, Rem (Grand Summoners), Sakura Itto-Ryu Mira, Holy Knight Goddess Feena, Ashe, Black Cat Detective Liese, Twilight Commander Forte, Asakura Yoh, War Hero Fen
AHime, Flame Spirit Empress Lian, Radak, Santa Milim, High Elf Archer, Amane, Solace Virtuosa Rits, Serah, Chloe, Bakoo, Victoire, Sealed Terrible Tyrant Lygor, Benimaru, Millenia, Mizuki, Nies, Lozze, Diaz, Hellish Blizzard, Saar, Raphtalia, Soul Destruction God Zenon,Sagiri
BHades Giant Guardian Badoul, Melia, Number 2, Arosdea, Piercing Paragon Salyssa, Destruction Machine Goddess Lapleh, Virago, Cathemilla, Shiki, Maximum Force Zecht, Ruby Ninja Empress Honoka, Magnificent Star Archer Mamori, Saku,Musse
CQuon, Master of Swords Nogia, Dahlia, Strife, Elmessio
CHaden Flower Empress Pola, Forbidden Knowledge Keit, Maiden Princess End, Genos, Teriodos

Grand Summoners breaker tier list

TierGrand Summoners character
ABlack Dragon Knight Wargul, Younger Toguro, Tallis, Fosly, Terrible Tornado, Glacier Princess Tami-nyan, Shining Divine Warrior Platina, Duke
BGarlan the Earth Breaker, Satsuki Kiryuin, Arth, Phantom Operative Jill
CSilent Divine Palamicia, Heavenly Executioner Zechsia, Spear Spirit Empress Daisy
DHerck, Divinity Destroyer Vaid, Evil Demon Empress Coco, Rasaou, Radiant Spear God Reyon, Roy, Voghan, Inferno Emperor Ragna, Zoldes

Grand Summoners defender tier list

TierGrand Summoner character
SBlazing Divine Guardian Sandstone, Thetis, Dragon Lord Gerald, Ancient Dragon Priestess Favelle, Azure Flash Filia, Naofumi Iwatani, Sanstone,Kirisame
AEagle, Celia, Rits, Hero of Darkness Zeorg, Ram
BBlessed Escutcheon Duran, Lord of Black Art Onfuan
CLuminous God Knight Gaia

Grand Summoners support tier list

TierGrand Summoners character
SHart, Mako, Priestess, Liza, Asirpa, Santa Rimuru, Rimuru, Fen, Hatsune Miku, Rosetta, Melty, Empress of Spirit World Sonije, Queen of Ancient Powers Aristela, Arcana,Charlotte
ABlazing Flame Empress Lione, Divine Fox Painter Sumire, Virtuous Torch Vermilia,Intelligent Divine Governor Parlot, Elusive Cannon Princess Courtney, Shadie, Beatrice, Kyoyama Anna, Shirou Emiya, Fitoria
BFlaring Custodian Feld, Woodland Deity Ashe Toto, Phantasmic Creator Tree Valhalla, Pheles, Wings of Mercy, Ice Queen Selia, Nier, Sorceress of Space-time Alma, Sealed Fox Princess Zeela, EDEN, Master of the Six Demons Mixie, Valentia, Raging Annihilator Leon, Gracious Warrior Zoroas, Twingavel Empress Catilou,Shasha,Takemichi
DDragon Guardian Empress Nerim, Empyreal Beast Elfalla, Liese, Rhiotis, Iris, Alche

How do I perform a Grand Summoners reroll?

We don’t really recommend rerolling in Grand Summoners as it can be quite time-consuming and gacha rates are pretty low in the title, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get the characters you want.

However, if you’re a new player who wants to make sure your first couple of pulls are prime, you can check out this Google doc regarding which characters to roll for, and take a look at this page by the dedicated fans over on the Grand Summoners wiki. They cover how to reroll both on phones and through emulators, and update the GDoc frequently with the best characters to aim for and build a starter team around on the current banners, so it’s definitely worth a look.

That’s it for our Grand Summoners tier list. If you need a break from all this gacha madness, head over to our list of the best mobile games or best Switch games for a wide variety of titles to choose from.

Grand Summoners tier list July 2024 (2024)
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