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Grand Summoners Tier List 2021 (2024)

Table of Contents
S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier D Tier FAQs

S Tier

BerwickSecondary Attacker
VoxPrimary Attacker
SakuraSecondary Attacker
Empress of the Spirit World SonijeSupport
Swordsman BerwickPrimary Attacker
AsheSecondary Attacker
Holy Knight Goddess FeenaSupport
Ruthless Demon Divine CeliaPrimary Attacker
Spy of Darkness FenSecondary Attacker
NornSecondary Attacker
God of Dragon Knights WeaverSecondary Attacker
Dragon Lord GeraldDefender
High Elf ArcherSecondary Attacker
Queen of Ancient Powers AristelaHealer
Agent of Darkness KanePrimary Attacker

As you can see, there are quite a few options available for S Tier picks. Many of the characters are unique and powerful characters in their own right, while some follow a storyline, taking a while before getting good.

Noteworthy S Tier characters

Berwick is one of the most insanely strong characters on the entire Gand Summoners Tier List, and maybe even the best out fo the lot. The reason why is because of the focus on the fire elemental parties, but the buffs are that strong, you can add any elemental to the same party. Procyon Blast is the primary damage buffer, increasing allies by damage by 50% or fire elemental allies by 100%. Also, his AOE fire damage from Fire Nova is extremely powerful. Either way, this character is great for whatever ability you want to use.

Fen – Fen is an interesting character, built with damage and support in mind. The first bit of damage is the fact he gets bonus damage when enemies drop below a thresh hold, while also offering a healing and gauge buff to allies.

Ashe – has some of the best trash clearings in the game with a passive 300% damage bonus to non-boss enemies. Furthermore, the character has a bonus 30% crit chance for no reason. It is very clear this character is 100% designed to absolute destroy everything in PvE and PvP.

Aristela – Aristela is one of the more interesting Supports / Healers in the game. Her main focus is to buff the damage of magical abilities and attacks from her party. On the flip side, she has decent healing, and a max hp increase buff. She is easily one of the best support characters in the game and is a must-have for magical parties.

Kane – If you somewhat enjoyed the story of Swordsman Kane falling to Chaos powers, then be happy to know that Agent of Darkness Kane is a huge step up for the otherwise average story character. While the character isn’t exactly top of the totem pole of the Grand Summoners Tier List, but it is nice to know that evolved story characters work fine in the end game.

A Tier

YusukeSecondary Attacker
ShuriPrimary Attacker
RemSecondary Attacker
RaphtaliaSecondary Attacker
GinzoPrimary Attacker
Radiant Sword Goddess TalisBreaker
Icicle Spear Goddess AlvinaPrimary Attacker
Shining Divine Warrior PlatinaBreaker
Sealed Demon of Destruction FoslyBreaker
RivieraPrimary Attacker
Blazing Flame Empress LioneSecondary Attacker
KisaragiPrimary Attacker
Sealed Terrible Tyrant LygorSecondary Attacker
Hero of Darkness ZeorgDefender
Speed-o’-sound SonicPrimary Attacker
RagsherumPrimary Attacker
Goblin SlayerPrimary Attacker
MilimPrimary Attacker
Naofumi IwataniLuck/Defender
Blazing Divine Guardian SanstoneDefender
SaitamaPrimary Attacker
Divine Fox Painter SumireSupport
Elusive Cannon Princess CourtneyBreaker
Bloody Devil Spy MilleniaSecondary Attacker

Yusuke is one of the most interesting characters in this section. It is hard to decide whether he is an S Tier or A Tier pick, but we figured it is overall an A+ character. The reason why is he is a standard, hard-hitting melee character. Although, what makes him incredibly powerful is his instant revive to 100% HP. It is incredibly cheesy for both PvP and late-game PvE, so we figured he needed a comment. However, he isn’t really a fit into any major team composition. He is basically a shelf piece – if you will.

Other than that one notable character, we believe plenty of the A Tier characters are very good options to build comps around. If you manage to get one, then feel free to work them into a strong comp. Such as collecting the fire elemental users to build a fire comp with Berwick at the centre. It’s only one of the hundreds of comps you can do this game.

B Tier

Illusory Twin Blade MeliaPrimary Attacker
BenimaruSecondary Attacker
Inferno God IfritPrimary Attacker
AmaneSecondary Attacker
Intelligent Divine Governor ParlotHealer
Hades Knight Emperor RegulusPrimary Attacker
Shining Winged Emperor DakiPrimary Attacker
LeonePrimary Attacker
Secret Counsel CathemiliaSupport
SakuSecondary Attacker
Master of the Six Demons MixieSupport
Divine Conqueror God NiesSecondary Attacker
Master of Dragons LouvetPrimary Attacker
Dark Winged Swordsman RakiPrimary Attacker
GarouPrimary Attacker
Soul Destruction God ZenonSecondary Attacker
Spear Spirit Empress DaisyBreaker
Lord of Black Art OnfuanDefender
Clyde the Crimson Sword GodPrimary Attacker
Destructio Machien Goddess LaplehSecondary Attacker
Sword Ruler LudaPrimary Attacker
Terrible TornadoBreaker
Hellish BlizzardSecondary Attacker
MiraPrimary Attacker
Phantom Operative JillBreaker
Arth, The Emerald Sword EmperorBreaker
Ryuko MatoiPrimary Attacker
King of Beasts LozzeSecondary Attacker
Corsair, the Frozen EmpressPrimary Attacker
Blazing Axe Empress RishleyPrimary Attacker
Branches of God ValhallaHealer
Flame Spirit Empress LianSecondary Attacker
Emerald Blademaster VoguePrimary Attacker
TamaePrimary Attacker

C Tier

Sorceress of Space-Time AlmaSupport
Beast Hunter Goddess ShadieSupport
Queen of Frozen World SeliaSupport
ShikiSecondary Attacker
FiloPrimary Attacker
Aquarias Empress YomiPrimary Attacker
Haden Flower Empress PolaSecondary Attacker
KanePrimary Attacker
Ninja Machina JackPrimary Attacker
Mad Creator KayasPrimary Attacker
Magnificent Star Archer MamoriSecondary Attacker
Forbidden Knowledge KeitSecondary Attacker
Dragon Guardian Empress NerimHealer
LieseHealer/Primary Attacker
Healing Sorceress ValentiaSupport
Holy Slasher RhodiaBreaker
Sealed Fox Princess ZeelaSupport
Radiant Spear God ReyonBreaker
Eternal Rage MarzexPrimary Attacker
Holy Sword ZeschiaBreaker
ZeorgPrimary Attacker
Inferno Emperor RagnaBreaker
Death Sickle Queen LilyPrimary Attacker
GenosSecondary Attacker
Scarlet Giant ZoldesSupport
Great Wolf Assassin SlyPrimary Attacker
Inferno Guardian Goddess AnnaPrimary Attacker
Fatal Savior MarzexPrimary Attacker
Silent Divine PalamiciaBreaker
Maiden Princess EndSecondary Attacker
Magical Shadow Goddess DahliaSecondary Attacker
Evil Demon Empress CocoBreaker

D Tier

Dark Destroyer LeonSupport
Mother of Dragons AlcheHealer
Dragon Master ZoroasBreaker
Magical Warrior MizynaPrimary Attacker
Thunder God RhiothisSupport
Arrow Emperor KeionesPrimary Attacker
RianaPrimary Attacker
Azure Holy Beast ElfallaSupport
Hammer Emperor CatilouHealer
Demon Assassin VoghanBreaker
Deus Ex VaidBreaker
Blazing Spirit FeldSupport
Ultimate Swordsman Grand RasaouBreaker
Forever Guard DuranDefender/Healer
Godwyrm DargeonPrimary Attacker
Wise Behemoth OlgethPrimary Attacker
Demonic Blaze TeriodasSecondary Attacker
Leaf Guardian Ashe TotoSupport
Dragon Ruler ArosdeaPrimary Attacker
Knight of All Nature ElmessioSecondary Attacker

Overall, this concludes our Grand Summoners Tier List. We hope you found this guide useful, and are ready to take on the world of Grant Summers. If you like this Grand Summoners Tier List, we have more gacha mobile game tier lists you can find here.

Grand Summoners Tier List 2021 (2024)


Who is the best starting character in Grand Summoner? ›

Getting Started

Corsair is the recommended choice as she is the best of the 3. In addition, it may be worth your while to reroll for a high tier and/or Hyper Rare (aka HR) capable unit(s). Check the Recommended Units section to see which units are worth getting. If you don't want to reroll for a HR unit.

What does the leader do in Grand Summoners? ›

A:Leader refers to a unit you select from the party to be the party leader. Once a unit is set as the leader, the LUCK of that unit will affect the Luck Bonus you receive when using that party. Luck Bonus can be acquired depending on your units' LUCKPoints, and will be rewarded separate to the regular quest rewards.

What kind of game is Grand Summoners? ›

Grand Summoners is a mobile phone video game app. It is an RPG game, and features the ability to summon heroes from other worlds and time periods to aid in battle.

Is Grand Summoners on PC? ›

Prepared with our expertise, the exquisite preset keymapping system makes Grand Summoners a real PC game.

What is the best way to increase luck in Grand Summoners? ›

The only way to increase a units' Luck Value is to Limit break it with the same units, Limit Break units if it's a Luck Unit, or applying Luck Gems to that unit.

What is be output grand summoner? ›

[BE Output] refers to the total amount of. the BE (Battle Ether) that comes out. everytime the unit hits the enemies. BE. Output also increases Arts Gauge.

What does CT mean in Grand Summoners? ›

Cooldown Time (CT) The amount of time a skill or piece of equipment takes to be able to be used again.

What does third eye do in Grand Summoners? ›

During Third Eye/True Third Eye: 52000% Fire DMG (PHY). For 25s, redirect Allies' DMG taken to self and gain a DMG barrier that negates 35000 DMG to self.

How much money do grand summoners make? ›

The top 34 ranking, Grand Summoners's revenue reaching $1,400,000 and downloads reaching 70,000 in December, the December revenue has even increased by 71% compared to November!

How many players does Grand Summoners have? ›

- Multiplayer with Up to 4 Players - Strengthen your bonds with battles! Face mighty bosses online together with adventurers from all over the world! Get rid of stress through co-op battles!

When did Grand Summoners come out? ›

To the players of Grand Summoners Global, This is the producer Yamagishi. It has been five years since my team and I officially launched the Global version on February 7th of 2018, and we continued for this long entirely due to our players' support.

Is Grand Summoner offline? ›

Grand Summoners - Anime Action RPG is a free-to-play, offline RPG game. It lets you play as one of four characters in a world filled with other players.

How do you reroll Grand Summoners on PC? ›

  1. Start a new account.
  2. Choose the starter unit "Corsair".
  3. Skip the tutorial.
  4. Skip the cut scenes.
  5. Skip the free unit summon (it will waste your guaranteed 5* unit on the wrong banner).
  6. Claim all gems from inbox/gift box.

Is there a game like Brave Frontier? ›

What is leader skill in Summoners war? ›

Leader Skills are additional passive Skills which some Monsters possess.

What do spirits do in Grand Summoners? ›

- First are the Spirits These guys are used to evolve a unit from 1★ to 2★ primarily, though they are also required to evolve from 2★ to 3★. - Next are Phantoms. They are needed for evolving from 2★ to 3★ and 3★ to 4★. Less common then Spirits, they are still far from hard to obtain.

What does accuracy do in Grand Summoners? ›

General Status Effects / Buffs
Accuracy Rate UPIncreases target's Accuracy by x%
Immune To FlinchTarget is Immune to Paralyze and Freeze (why is this a separate status)
Heal For DMG TakenTarget Heals for x% of Damage Taken
LifestealTarget Heals for x% of Damage Dealt
34 more rows

What are crests in Grand Summoners? ›

Crests are a very important aspect in Grand Summoners. They are a means of enhancing the performance of your units, albeit in a relatively small amount.

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