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Natural hair twists come in many beautiful variations that help complement your hair type and highlight your scalp. It’s a low-maintenance protective hairstyle that promotes hair growth by allowing your hair follicle to rest.
It’s also not a hairstyle that over manipulates your hair, so you don’t have to worry about losing your baby hair or edges. You could also use it to get more curl definition when you take it out and create fun patterns with your curls.

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In this article:

Type of twists for natural hair

You can try different kinds of twists, from the bouncy three-strand twists to the curly passion twists or the famous flat twists. You can also try two-strand twists if your hair is short to medium length. If you’d love to wear your twist for a long time, you might want to add extensions for a fuller look. Here are some famous natural twist hairstyles you can try:

Passion Twists

Most people use extensions for passion twists; the extension used for this is primarily wavy or curly. Part your hair into small boxes or triangles, then go in with a crochet to add the faux hair to your sectioned hair or simply add it to your hair and twist firmly.

The key to getting this right is to twist firmly but not too tight; you’ll end up with thin twists if you twist it too tight. If it’s too loose, it will end up looking more like a spring twist. Also, roll the tips your twists, don’t twist till the end to get the best results.

Two-strand/Three-strand Twist

It’s the easiest twist type; you don’t have to add extensions or mix it with natural braid; it’s just simple twists. As the name implies, the two-strand twist involves parting your hair into small sections.

For example, you can style in the square, triangle, or rectangle shape, divide the small portion of your hair into two strands, and twist it from the base. The three strands twists are for people that love thick or chunky twists; it creates a fuller look and usually works with people with full curly or kinky hair.

Flat twists

Flat twists are like cornrows, but instead of braiding your hair, you’ll twist it.It easy doesn’t take too much like mini or micro twists.

You can also get different types of flat twists, like the half flat twist half-bun. It’s a really cool natural hairstyle to show off your curls and highlight your scalp color.

Senegalese twists

Many African- American women love it because it doesn’t get frizzy for a long time, and it saves them multiple trips to the salon.Although it’s not the most natural hair-friendly hairstyle because it involves a lot of scalp pulling and takes so much time to get done, it’s a lovely hairstyle.

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Marley twists

If you have kinky hair, you should try this. It doesn’t just highlight your scalp; it complements your hair texture. It can last up to six to eight weeks with little maintenance, unlike other twist types.

Even when it’s getting old and having a bit of frizz, it still looks terrific because of how well it blends with your natural hair.

Mini twists

It’s a terrific way to show off your curls. It also doesn’t involve a lot of products or extensions; of course, you can add attachments if you’d like to, but it works so well with your natural curls.

You can create different fun natural hairstyles with it like a ponytail, low bun, side- parts, anything you can think of; it’s so versatile.

Micro twists

It’s just like a mini twist but way tinier. You can carry it for 5-7 weeks.It’s also low maintenance; moisturize with oil and water, and you’re good.

You could even wash it and blow dry it if it’s becoming funky or just not glowing the way you’d like.

How to prepare for your natural hair twist appointment

It’s just like a mini twist but way tinier. You can carry it for 5-7 weeks. It’s also low maintenance; moisturize with oil and water, and you’re good. You could even wash it and blow dry it if it’s becoming funky or just not glowing the way you’d like.

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Shampoo and condition your hair

If you haven’t had a wash day in a while, now is a great time. When you twist your hair, it highlights your scalp, so a clean scalp will go a long way in making your twist look really lovely.

You can also deep condition it for a softer texture and effortless detangling.

Detangle your mane

Many women make a common mistake when detangling their hair; they do it while it’s wet. If your hair is very wet, there’s a high chance it will shed more when you detangle it wet. When you’re detangling your hair, don’t go in all at once.

Instead, part your hair into sections, typically between 3-6 sections, depending on hair texture and length. Then, proceed to detangle gently with a wide-tooth comb, or you can finger detangle if your scalp is very sensitive or your hair is prone to shedding.


You need to moisturize your hair, especially if your hair type is 4A-4C, before getting a natural hair twist. It will prevent your hair from breaking.

Do these three things to get the best results for your twists. You can do these before going to the hair salon or do it from home; either way, your hair is getting the pampering it deserves.

Natural hair twists is a low-maintenance hairstyle for curly and kinky hair. First, moisturize the body with water if you didn’t add extensions; don’t soak your hair until it’s dripping wet; a little spraying is okay.

Then, seal in the moisture with moisturizing butter.If you want to wear your twist for a long time, avoid direct contact with absorbing materials; the moisture from your hair will be absorbed by the material, leaving you with dry hair.

When your hair is dry, it becomes frizzy and brittle, and before you know it, you have split ends. When this happens, taking out your twist and detangling your hair will be a nightmare.

You can prevent this by simply tying a silk or satin scarf around your head before you sleep at night; a silk or satin bonnet also works if you’re not good with scarfs or you’re scared your scarf will slip off.

How long does it take to get natural hair twists?

The twist itself shouldn’t take more than 2 hours if you’re getting it done by a professional. However, if you’re twisting your hair yourself, it might take up to 4 hours.

Also, the size of your twists is a significant fact; if you’re getting Mini or Micro twists, it might take a while.

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Can I create curl patterns with natural twist?

The rumors you heard are true; you create curl patterns with natural hair twist-outs. Aside from being a fun way to wear your natural hair in a protective style, it also allows you to create fun hairstyles when you take it out.

Here’s how to get curls from your natural hair twist-out: First, wash your hair, condition it, and blow dry it. Twist-outs aren’t fun if they are not shiny and neat.

Next, moisturize it with oil and water but don’t drench it; things could get messy when taking out oily wet twists. Then, gently loosen the twists from the tips.

Even though it’s tempting to remove twists from the roots, if you have curls or kinky hair, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a giant knot if you try to detangle from the roots.

Moisturize Your Hair!

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Don’t brush or comb your twists; it will smoothen your hair, and you won’t have the curl pattern your desire.

An alternative approach to getting curls is to use curl-defining products from when you twisted your hair, then take out the twist after some days, and you’ll have well-defined curl patterns.

Disclaimer: You’ll only get lovely curl patterns from your twist-out if you took care of your hair while you were still wearing it as twists.

How long can does natural twists last?

You can carry twists for as long as eight weeks; it depends on the type of twists and how well you maintain them. If you keep your natural twist moisturized and lay your edges well, you can rock it for as long as two months.

Keeping your hair hydrated not only prevents it from breakage and frizz it also prevents your hair from matting. Hair matting is a real risk with kinky or tightly curled hair; it happens when your hair gets tangled, and you don’t remove the knots immediately.

Detangling matted curls is a whole ball game you want to avoid, so moisturize the body of your hair and don’t neglect the tips.

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Twists are a beautiful way to rock your natural hair and keep it in a protective style. It’s also not expensive to maintain and doesn’t require a lot of products or expertise; you could even do it yourself and moisturize with water and butter.

If you’d like to have your hair out but keep it protected from the harsh weather conditions without having to detangle it on a daily, book a natural hair twist appointment or try it yourself.

Do you still have any questions? Feel free to ask them in de comments!

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