RHONJ star Teresa's husband Luis Ruelas takes out $1m loan for $3.4m mansion (2024)

REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice's husband, Luis Ruelas, has taken out a new loan to help pay off his and the reality star's massive mansion.

Teresa, 52, and her husband, Luis "Louie" Ruelas, 49, purchased their now-marital home in January 2021 for $3,350,000.




Court records exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun show that the couple did not take out a loan on the seven-bedroom, 10-bath home until March 2024.

According to the mortgage, Louie, who is the "sole member" of the LLC used to purchase the Montville property, took out a one million dollar loan on March 25.

A Florida-based limited liability company, referred to as the "mortgagee," issued the $1 million loan to the Housewives husband.

The number of years the star has to pay off the loan is not mentioned in the real estate documents.

Louie's financial strugglesare believed to play out on the current season of RHONJ.

As teased in the season 14 trailer, Teresa's rival Margaret Josephs is heard over the phone saying the father-of-two "pissed her money away."

Although the episode has yet to air, the Housewives OG addressed the rumor on Tori Spelling's podcast, misSPELLING, denying the claims.

"Margaret says my husband spends all my money. Like, b***h, you don't even know what you're talking about," Teresa said.

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"She's not even in my house. She's putting out this false narrative out there. And it's like, she's trying to make me her storyline."


Louie, who was one of the co-founders of Digital Media Solutions (DMS), recently helped launch Vinivia, an interactive live streaming app.

Although it's been described by others as "his company," The U.S. Sun was informed that he's actually an independent contractor and is helping the Los Angeles-based venture by providing services.

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Prior to this, the entrepreneur claimed that he "suffered economic injury," such as losing his job, and "multiple business opportunities."

Louie made the claims in a $5 million lawsuit he's embroiled in against lawyer Kevin S. Johnson and his firm Johnson Litigation Group.

In the court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun, Louie alleged Johnson fabricated emails "under fake names/personas" to "damage Ruelas' chances in the court of law, stir controversy, and create reality TV content."

He claimed that his reputation has been "damaged beyond repair" as he operates "a company on a global scale" and said that potential clients have read the damaging material on the Internet.




The lawsuit, which was initially filed in February 2024, is still ongoing in the state of New York.


On the June 2 episode of RHONJ, Teresa's past was brought up by enemy and co-star Rachel Fuda, who claimed she is a "has-been."

During Danielle Cabral's Boujie brunch, Teresa and Rachel got into a heated argument over their husbands.

After Teresa claimed Rachel's husband John Fuda is a "parking attendant," the mom-of-three fired back, "My husband has built a life for himself for him and his family.

"What the f**k have you done, you stupid b***h? You went to f**king prison as a grown ass woman and what have you done?"

Teresa served 15 months inprison, while her ex, Joe Giudice, served a 41-month sentence before their divorce, which was finalized in 2020.

The former couple sold their longtime Towaco six-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom mansion in October 2022 for $2 million.

The U.S. Sun reported that as of October 2023, Teresa, who went to prison for multiple counts of fraud, still owes the federal government $615,720.94 in debt.

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RHONJ star Teresa's husband Luis Ruelas takes out $1m loan for $3.4m mansion (13)
RHONJ star Teresa's husband Luis Ruelas takes out $1m loan for $3.4m mansion (14)
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Teresa's rep released a statement in June 2023 regarding her tax debt:"Ms. Giudice has been aware of her tax obligations for years and makes significant timely monthly payments towards her outstanding tax liabilities and will continue to do so until those liabilities do not exist."

New episodes of RHONJ air every Sunday at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo.



RHONJ star Teresa's husband Luis Ruelas takes out $1m loan for $3.4m mansion (2024)
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