Reading Plus Answers [ All Levels and Stories ] [Updated 2024] - (2024)

If you are looking for Reading Plus answers in 2024 to all levels that exist on their platform, you’ve come to the right place.

For those who don’t know, Reading Plus is a popular program that allows people with different backgrounds and reading levels to improve their reading skills.

Reading Plus and the team believe that when people are told about how bad their foundation is and how weak they are in their academics, their reading capabilities are overlooked, in most cases.

If and only if you are able to read correctly and consume what’s written can you only really understand the topics you are reading into.

In other words, if you are bad at reading and picking up the ideas shared with you, you can’t tell whether or not you are good at academics or if you have a strong foundation.

This is where the idea of improving reading skills comes into being – and Reading Plus is here to help with that.

Also, the fact that different people understand and pick things at a different pace, Reading Plus realized they needed different levels in their program to help anyone with any background to improve their reading further.

This gave birth to many levels that exist on Reading Plus today.

Let’s look at the levels found in the Reading Plus program.

Table of Contents

Reading Plus Levels and Stories [Updated 2024]:

Following are the levels that exist in the Reading Plus program:

SeeReader LevelGrade LevelG-Rate Goal
(words per minute)
A, HiA1110
B, HiB2145
C, HiC3160
D, HiD4175
E, HiE5185
MCollege and Career280

Note: ‘Hi’ levels contain stories or study materials that are interesting and require low-readability.

These are all the levels you can find in the Reading Plus program to this date, 05/02/2020.

Each of these levels comes with different stories.

Stories are designed specifically for the levels and readability scores of students in those levels.

These are some of the stories that have been covered in the Reading Plus levels mentioned above:

  • A Christmas Carol
  • A Legendary Prison
  • A Mountain of Muscle
  • A Mysterious Dwelling
  • A New Place in Camelot
  • A Struggle to Survive
  • Access All
  • An Unearthly Creature
  • Battling Bugs
  • Be A Social Worker
  • Body Art
  • Born to Dance
  • Breed and Battle
  • Brute Neighbors
  • Building A Better Tomb
  • Building Schools in Nepal
  • Caring Hands
  • The Wounded
  • Cheap Thrills
  • Checkmate
  • Coffee Talk
  • Colorful Beaches
  • Computers Under Attack
  • Course Hero
  • Crime Fighter
  • Database
  • Deadly Underwater Sounds
  • Digital Danger
  • DNA
  • It’s All About You
  • Don’t Trash It
  • Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Eco-Friendly Travel
  • Emergency
  • Equality All
  • Exercise Regimens
  • Extreme Boarding
  • Fighting Junk Food
  • Germs in Sports and School
  • Giants of The Forest
  • Gold Mountain
  • Goldfish
  • Graffiti Studio
  • Gretchen
  • Guilty or Innocent
  • Hack
  • Hero or Fool
  • How’s Your Memory
  • Human Punishment
  • Icelandic Tales
  • In Search of Stolen Art
  • Insect Innovations
  • Instant Communication
  • Into the Earth
  • Is It Skill or Luck?
  • Its World Series Time
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Jobs to Improve Modern Life
  • Journeys of Triumph
  • Just Like His Father
  • Kahlo An Artist Ahead of Her Time
  • Kenya’s Hope
  • Kiddie Consumers
  • Knights of The Round Table
  • Know Your Money
  • Sub Zero Living
  • When Zombies Attack
  • Cyber Crimes
  • The Golden Eagle
  • Make A Plan
  • Man Vs Computer
  • Marvel Man
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Mission Abort
  • Modern Folklore
  • Morse Code
  • Multiplex Magic
  • My Ice
  • Name That Bone
  • Natures Spa
  • NBA Superstars
  • New at School
  • News in A Flash
  • No Driver Needed
  • No More Physical Barriers
  • No Soil Needed
  • No Technology Challenge
  • Not A Fish
  • Official
  • Old Scrooge
  • One Officer One Man
  • Open Boat Part 1
  • Our Obsession with Junk Food
  • Out of This World
  • Over the Clouds
  • Party Time
  • Paul
  • Perform Like A Pro
  • Please Touch
  • Poetry of Pride
  • Red Death
  • Rescue Rehab and Release
  • Respect in The Ring
  • Riding the Air
  • Robin Hood
  • Robots to The Depths
  • Rocks Talk Back
  • Saving the Pride
  • Seats of Power
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • She Stood Up All of Us
  • Space Camp
  • Speed Racer
  • Sports
  • Stanley The Skeleton
  • Stranded at Sea
  • Student Login
  • Tear Down This Wall
  • The Chess King
  • The Golden Heart
  • The Griffin
  • The Means of Living
  • The Monster Below
  • Three Questions
  • Tile Games
  • Ulysses Homeward Adventure
  • Unblocked
  • Uncle Scott
  • Underground Living
  • Understanding Human Signals
  • Understanding the Universe
  • Unlikely Heroes
  • Unlocking the Genome
  • Urban Forestry
  • Urban Legends
  • Vaccine Victory
  • Valley of The Kings
  • Vaulting to Gold
  • Venice
  • Virtual Relief
  • Wanted Hard Workers
  • Wearable Artwork
  • What Is A Tomato
  • What’s Your Passion?
  • When Wolves Howl
  • Who Is Malala?
  • Why Should You Join
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Words on A Locket
  • Working the FBI
  • Writing to Limits
  • Young Inventors
  • Your Buying Habits
  • Your Own Person
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Note: These are only some of the stories that have been on the Reading Plus levels in the past – there are many more stories and the number increases as the team rolls out more stories.

But that’s not what you are here for, no?

You are here because you want all the answers to Reading Plus levels.

And we are here to help with that, don’t worry.

Reading Plus Answers to All Levels and Stories:

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of stories that exist on the program.

It is impossible to keep track of them all, considering the fact that there is a new story released every once in a while.

However, we do not want to leave you in the dark either.

Here are some of the Reading Plus answers that we could find for you.

The Man With The Muck-Rake:

Q. What is the main idea of this speech? A. People are who focus….

Q. To Theodore Roosevelt… A. Excusing the…..

Q. Overall, the purpose of Roosevelt’s… A. Average American citizen….

Q. In this speech, Roosevelt attacks… A. Tabloid journalism and corporate…

Q. Which sentence is correct about… A. They were more interested in…

Q. The time of Roosevelt’s speech… A. Moralistic…

Q. According to Theodore Roosevelt… A. The inability/a cynical…

Q. Which sentence from the selection… A. To assail great evils of our political…

Q. Based on the excerpt, which larger… A. The role and responsibilities…

Q. What did Roosevelt view as a solution… A. Emotional restraint and common sense…

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Q. What larger question did Roosevelt… A. The role and responsibilities of…

Q. When it comes to muck-rakers… A. Use their profession for worthy en…

Crisis on the Slopes/Lost in the Snow:

Q. What is the main idea of this select… A. Over confidence and misjudgment…

Q. What was the most important… A. The deduction of his sister…

Q. According to this selection… A. Pups have only the slightest chance…

Q. In this excerpt, the tone… A. Doubtful /pessimistic…

Q. Read the following excerpt… A. the aspen highlands/they had already searched most of the area…

Q. In the last part of the selection… A. About 30 degrees to the left…

Q. Which sentence supports the… A. But for now, I choose to live free…

Q. Which sentence best supports… A. He spent hours researching…

Q. While Morgan was in the helicopter… A. She was always that avalanches…

Q. Put jakes dialogue describing… A. we tucked our heads/I yelled for nick/nick pulled me down/crawling on our hands…

Q. According to this selection, snow constantly… A. The evolution of man…


Q. What is… A. A boy in..

Q. Mike nicknamed… A. Thought she…

Q. At the beginning… A. It showed that…

Q. Mike liked horses… A. He was afraid…

Q. The Pest said… A. Exercising muscles…

Q. Put these… A. Mike yelled…

Q. A simile is… A. Each breath…

Q. According to… A. Mike could…

Q. Read these two… A. Started to see…

Q. This selection… A. Realistic fiction…

A Dragon Has Eaten the Sun:

Q. Which states… A. Eclipses are…

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Q. The word “eclipse”… A. To leave…

Q. Put These… A.Total, Hybrid, Annular, Partial…

Q. According to… A. The moon passes the outer section…

Q. A partial… A. Only a portion…

Q. Ancient civilizations… A. An animal…

Q. Based on… A. Partial…

Q. In what way… A. Both Occur…

Q. Choose the… A. Colors with longer…

Q. The author… A. Describe…

Truth in Tasting:

Q. What is the main… A. Small ideas can influence

Q. Why did Martha… A. To get experience…

Q. Place the following… A. Martha launches, Martha’s father, Martha raises, Martha goes to Africa…

Q. Which of the following… A. Finding time…

Q. Which result… A. Helping bring food…

Q. How did Martha… A. Disappointed…

Q. What is an educational… A. More children

Q. In the following… A. Nevertheless…

Q. What evidence does… A. Some of her classmates…

Q. Read this excerpt… A. She would not have enough readers…

These are some of the Reading Plus answers.

We have many more here on our website spread out in different articles.

However, if you do not find the answers to any story here, there are two main sources to get your answers from:

  • Reddit
  • YouTube

These places are where thousands of student gather up and share ideas.

All you have to do is search on these platforms and if you don’t find anything, ask from the fellow users and they’d love to help you out.

Again, the idea of Reading Plus is to help you improve.

If you can improve your reading skills, there’s nothing better than that.

Reading Plus Answers [ All Levels and Stories ] [Updated 2024] - (2024)


How to find answers for Reading Plus? ›

To find Reading Plus answers or similar online reading programs at the college level, students should refer to the Answer Key provided at the end of their textbook, access selected solutions through the Student Resources page, and utilize additional online resources such as Getting Started Guides and PowerPoint slides ...

Does Reading Plus track your eyes? ›

Dependent on a pupil's individual needs, they will automatically be set weekly assignments for each of the Reading Plus instructional components. These components include visual skills development for eye-tracking, reading tasks for comprehension and fluency, and vocabulary.

What grade is level K in Reading Plus? ›

English Level Correlation Chart
Learning A-Z Text Leveling SystemGradeAges
H16 - 7
I16 - 7
J16 - 8
K27 - 8
25 more rows

What happens when you finish level M in Reading Plus? ›

As the student progresses through the program they may increase their reading level from A to M; the completion of M means one has completed the program and achieved a college-level of reading.

What is the last level of Reading Plus? ›

SeeReader levels A through M represent grades 1st through L (12th grade) and M (College). Vocabulary (ReadAround) is the vocabulary section of the program.

What does level H mean in Reading Plus? ›

1260-1380+ “Hi” content levels contain high-interest, low-readability selections and are available to students in grades six and higher who are working on content levels A through E.

What is the highest score on Reading Plus? ›

Cut points are based on the Reading Plus overall reading Proficiency Index which is a weighted, composite score that combines vocabulary, comprehension and reading rate sub-scores on a continuous grade-level scale that ranges from 0.5 to 13.5.

How old is Reading Plus? ›

Our Story. Today, Reading Plus meets the increasing need of providing educators with adaptive easy-to-use edtech tools, but our commitment to improving reading proficiency dates back to the 1930s. Reading Plus has transformed the educational experience for teachers and students for nearly 100 years.

Is Reading Plus any good? ›

With over 100 research studies, Reading Plus is proven to accelerate reading progress, close the gap, and encourage reluctant readers.

What grade level is Z? ›

English Level Correlation Chart
Learning A-Z Text Leveling SystemGradeAges
X59 - 11
Y59 - 11
Z59 - 11
Z15+9 - 11+
25 more rows

What grade is a level F? ›

Level F is a level that appears in i-Ready Reading and Math lessons. Level F is equivalent to grade 6.

What age is level K? ›

Children begin elementary school with kindergarten (grade K) around age 5. The next year is grade 1 and it goes up each year to grade 5. They finish elementary school around age 10. Children in elementary school usually learn different subjects from one teacher in a single classroom.

What does SR mean on Reading Plus? ›

Average Level Gain (where +1 level gain in Reading Plus = +1 Year in text readability) Average Total Reading Lessons (SR) (We advise pupils should read between 40-60 lessons per term) Average Reading Speed (wpm) Target Reading Speed in Y6 = 185.

Can you slow down Reading Plus? ›

Reading Plus places students appropriately in each instructional component based on their needs. Teachers can make adjustments to an individual student's settings in the Reading and Vocabulary components.

What age is Reading Plus for? ›

Reading Plus is an adaptive, online reading development programme. With a readability range from Year 2 to beyond GCSE, it serves the needs of a wide range of students.

What is the Reading Plus site code? ›

A Site Code is a unique code that Reading Plus assigns to an entire school. The Site Code is a school's main entrance to Reading Plus. Each student at a school uses the same Site Code to open the door to Reading Plus.

How can I pass my reading test? ›

The following test-taking strategies will help you perform to the best of your abilities on the reading comprehension test and other standardized reading tests:
  1. Read the Question Before You Read the Passage. ...
  2. Note the Key Word in the Question. ...
  3. Read the Passage and Take Notes. ...
  4. Use Your Own Words to Answer the Question.

How do you get answers to reading comprehension? ›

  1. Step 1: Read the questions. It may seem backwards to read the questions first. ...
  2. Step 2: Unpack the questions. ...
  3. Step 3: Read the text. ...
  4. Step 4: Read for relevant information and techniques. ...
  5. Step 5: Answer the questions – Mulitple choice. ...
  6. Step 5: Answering the questions – written responses.

What is the Reading Plus password? ›

What is my username and password? When logging in to Reading Plus, after entering a sitecode, you will need to enter your username and password provided by your teacher or administrator. If you have forgotten your username and password, ask your Reading Plus teacher.

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