Property for Sale in Switzerland (2024)

Stability, security, internationally well-connected, exceptional education, stunning scenery, lively cities and an elegant lifestyle are just some of the reasons people choose to buy property in Switzerland. Combine this with world class architecture and design and preferential tax arrangements, it's easy to see why this multi-lingual society has been a population relocation destination for decades.

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St-Légier-La Chiésaz, Vaud St-Légier-La Chiésaz, Vaud Charming 10-room house with beautiful lake and mountain view in St-Légier-La Chiésaz, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 3'500'000 7 5 0.17
Verbier, Valais Verbier, Valais Magnificent 5-bedroom chalet in Verbier, Valais. Asking Price CHF 8'300'000 5 4 0.12
Saint-Prex, Vaud Saint-Prex, Vaud Outstanding waterfront villa with private beach and mooring in Saint-Prex, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 31'000'000 4 4 1.88
Chexbres, Vaud Chexbres, Vaud Exceptional 3-bedroom house with an annexe and breathtaking lake views in Chexbres, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 9'850'000 3 2 0.89
Verbier, Valais Verbier, Valais Outstanding 5-bedroom chalet in Verbier, Valais. Asking Price CHF 6'800'000 5 5 1
Territet, Vaud Territet, Vaud Excellent 1-bedroom apartment with breathtaking lake view in Territet, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 795'000 1 1 1
Montreux, Vaud Montreux, Vaud Excellent 5-bedroom house in Montreux, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 1'190'000 5 4
Begnins, Vaud Begnins, Vaud Outstanding 5-bedroom architect-designed property in Begnins, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 4'900'000 5 3 0.47
Zürichberg, Zurich Zürichberg, Zurich Beautiful architectural understatement with a history in Zürichberg, Zurich. Price on Application 6 4 3
Verbier, Valais Verbier, Valais Outstanding 3-bedroom high-end apartment in Verbier, Valais. Asking Price CHF 5'950'000 3 2
Nendaz, Valais Nendaz, Valais Outstanding 6-bedroom chalet with outdoor jacuzzi and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains in Nendaz, Valais. Asking Price CHF 2'750'000 6 5 2
Anières, Geneva Anières, Geneva Impressive, detached high-end villas in Anières, Geneva. Prices from CHF 3'980'000 4 3
Swiss Riviera, Vaud Swiss Riviera, Vaud Prestigious residence with breathtaking views in the heart of the Vaud Riviera. Price on Application 6 8 1.73
Champéry, Valais Champéry, Valais Beautiful detached chalet in Champéry, Valais. Asking Price CHF 999'000 3 3 1
Vésenaz, Genève Vésenaz, Genève Outstanding architect's house with Le Corbusier-inspired elegance in Vésenaz, Genève. Asking Price CHF 5'850'000 5 4 0.54
Mies, Vaud Mies, Vaud Excellent 7-room house in Mies, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 4'900'000 5 3 0.59
Collonge-Bellerive, Genève Collonge-Bellerive, Genève This luxurious villa is part of the new Port-de-Bellerive development, which consists of three villas and is located in the heart of the commune of Collonge-Bellerive. Asking Price CHF 5'550'000 4 6 2
Cologny, Genève Cologny, Genève Outstanding villa with breathtaking views in Cologny, Genève. Price on Application 4 4 0.82
Verbier, Valais Verbier, Valais Impressive 6-bedroom chalet near Le Rouge and Les Moulins, Verbier, Valais. Asking Price CHF 13'500'000 6 6
Vessy, Genève Vessy, Genève Luxurious, contemporary architect's villa under construction in Vessy, Geneve. Asking Price CHF 3'790'000 4 3
Pully, Vaud Pully, Vaud Outstanding 3-bedroom apartment in Pully, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 2'450'000 3 2
Blonay, Vaud Blonay, Vaud Beautiful 5.5-room property in Blonay, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 3'450'000 3-4 3 0.37
Cologny, Genève Cologny, Genève Luxurious THPE (Very High Energy Performance) villas in Cologny, Genève. Price on Application 3 5 0.54
Montreux, Vaud Montreux, Vaud Superb, fully renovated 5-bedroom home with far-reaching views in Montreux, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 7'500'000 10 7 3
Chernex, Vaud Chernex, Vaud Beautiful family villa with a panoramic view of the lake and the mountains in Chernex, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 1'790'000 4 2
Verbier, Valais Verbier, Valais Charming 2-bedroom apartment in Verbier, Valais. Asking Price CHF 2'600'000 2 2
Chexbres, Vaud Chexbres, Vaud Beautiful, authentic villa set on a large plot in Chexbres, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 2'450'000 5 4 51.89
Bellevue, Genève Bellevue, Genève Beautifully renovated 5-bedroom house in Bellevue, Genève. Asking Price CHF 7'000'000 5 5
Crassier, Vaud Crassier, Vaud Beautiful new-built villa with a magnificent private garden in Crassier, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 1'890'000 3 2 0.12
Crassier, Vaud Crassier, Vaud Outstanding villa with a magnificent private garden in Crassier, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 2'100'000 3 2 0.15
Frauenfeld, Thurgau Frauenfeld, Thurgau Exclusive villa with superior equestrian facilities in Frauenfeld, Thurgau. Price on Application 7 8 4
Crans-Montana, Valais Crans-Montana, Valais Exceptional ski-in, ski-out chalet in Crans-Montana, Valais. Price on Application 8 6 0.82
Montreux, Vaud Montreux, Vaud Beautiful 3-bedroom apartment in Montreux, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 1'430'000 3 2
Chermignon, Valais Chermignon, Valais Outstanding 4-bedroom villa in Chermignon, Valais. Price on Application 4 2
Crans-Montana, Valais Crans-Montana, Valais Magnificent 12-bedroom Chalet in Crans-Montana, Valais. Price on Application 12 16 0.37
Neyruz, Fribourg Neyruz, Fribourg Exceptional 4-bedroom property in need of renovation, with unobstructed views and a beautiful garden in Neyruz, Fribourg. Asking Price CHF 1'950'000 4 2 1.46
Lausanne, Vaud Lausanne, Vaud Outstanding 5-bedroom mansion with pool and beautiful view in Chailly. Asking Price CHF 7'900'000 5 4 0.64
Ardez, Lower Engadine, Graubünden Ardez, Lower Engadine, Graubünden Beautiful 3-bedroom townhouse in Ardez, Lower Engadine, Graubünden Price on Application 3 5 3
Verbier, Valais Verbier, Valais Luxurious chalet between Médran, the Rouge and the Place Centrale in Verbier, Valais. Asking Price CHF 20'000'000 3 5
Villeneuve, Vaud Villeneuve, Vaud Outstanding 4-bedroom duplex apartment in Villeneuve, Vaud. Asking Price CHF 1'650'000 4 2
Property for Sale in Switzerland (2024)


Does it make sense to buy property in Switzerland? ›

Costs of buying a property in Switzerland

The Swiss government has made it a point to keep real estate prices low, so buyers have to pay relatively low fees. In addition, few other costs are associated with buying a home in Switzerland. This makes Switzerland one of the cheapest places to buy a house in Europe.

How much money do you need to buy a house in Switzerland? ›

In Switzerland, 20% of the purchase price or market value must normally be financed by equity. A mortgage can be taken out for the remaining 80%. A distinction is made here between the first and second mortgage.

Can a US citizen buy property in Switzerland? ›

Non-Swiss residents acquiring a home in Switzerland must apply for a foreign buyer's permit. This entitles the owner to reside in the country up to 180 days per annum, subject to a maximum stay of 3 months at a time. Non-Swiss residents, are not permitted to own more than one residential property.

How much is a house in Switzerland in US dollars? ›

The average house in Switzerland costs 1.19 million Swiss francs, which is currently 1.34 million US dollars and 1.08 million British pounds. However, there are significant regional variations. You can find the cheapest houses and apartments in the canton of Jura. Real estate is the most expensive in the canton of Zug.

Why is home ownership so low in Switzerland? ›

Culture of renting

In Europe, homeownership is a deeply rooted part of society. Most young people are taught that owning a home is important and a good investment. In contrast, in Switzerland, the culture of renting is very strong. Naturally, this is a main reason for low rate of homeownership.

Do Swiss pay property taxes? ›

The amount of property tax you pay depends on the value of your home, the number of years it has been owned, and its location within the municipality. The Swiss government has set limits for how much a property owner can be taxed per year. This limit is called the maximum taxable value.

How much does a nice house cost in Switzerland? ›

The median price for houses on the market is CHF 1,200,000. The asking price for 80% of properties falls between CHF 530,000 and CHF 3,000,000. The average price per m² in Switzerland is CHF 7,502 / m² (price per square meter).

How much do you need to live comfortably in Switzerland? ›

If you are a family, you can expect to spend between 4000 and 8000 Swiss francs per month on living expenses. If you are a single person, you can expect to pay between 2500 and 4000 Swiss francs per month on living expenses. These costs can vary depending on your lifestyle and where you live in Switzerland.

How much money do you need to get residency in Switzerland? ›

The minimum investment for obtaining a Swiss residence permit through lump sum taxation begins at CHF 150,000. Depending on the chosen canton, this fee may escalate to CHF 1 million or more.

Do I have to pay US taxes if I live in Switzerland? ›

If you are a U.S. citizen or resident living or traveling outside the United States, you generally are required to file income tax returns, estate tax returns, and gift tax returns and pay estimated tax in the same way as those residing in the United States.

Can I retire in Switzerland as a US citizen? ›

For US citizens, a visa from a Swiss consulate is required, and the application for a Swiss Retirement Visa must be submitted within two weeks of entering the country. Once granted, Non-EU/EFTA nationals receive a one-year visa, renewable upon expiry.

Can a US citizen live permanently in Switzerland? ›

You need to have lived in Switzerland for a minimum of five years (in most cases, ten years) before you are eligible to apply for permanent residence. You need ten years of continuous residence in Switzerland to apply for Swiss Citizenship.

How much is $100 US in Switzerland? ›

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Conversion rates US Dollar / Swiss Franc
100 USD89.66500 CHF
250 USD224.16250 CHF
500 USD448.32500 CHF
1000 USD896.65000 CHF
8 more rows

Is it cheaper to live in Switzerland or USA? ›

With a cost of living index of 123 all goods are on average about 23% more expensive than in the USA. But the average income in Switzerland of 7,958 USD is also 24% higher, which means that citizens can also afford more goods. Now you calculate the 23% higher costs against the 24% higher income.

Is healthcare free in Switzerland? ›

Switzerland has universal health care, regulated by the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance. There are no free state-provided health services, but private health insurance is compulsory for all persons residing in Switzerland (within three months of taking up residence or being born in the country).

Is Switzerland good for real estate investment? ›

Yes. Real estate in Switzerland is among the best and most expensive in Europe. The average cost of residential property is €10,624 per 1 m².

What are the taxes on buying a house in Switzerland? ›

In most cantons, the purchase and sale of real estate is subject to a property transfer tax. This amounts to approximately between 0.1% to 3% of the sales price of the property. However, in some cantons the property transfer tax is waived when buying a property, if you use the property as your main residence.

Is it a good idea to move to Switzerland? ›

It's a wealthy country with a high standard of living and high wages, plus the Swiss landscape is unrivalled in its beauty. Many of the world's wealthiest people live, do business, and holiday in Switzerland, which makes it one of the best countries in the world for living. Paradise comes with a price tag, though.

Can an outsider buy a house in Switzerland? ›

Foreigners have the right to buy another apartment or house without selling their first property in case they need to change their place of residence within Switzerland. They can use it as a holiday home or rent it out instead. However, they must use the newly bought real estate for permanent residence.

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