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Pokemon Inclement Emerald” is a Completed GBA Rom Hack made by Buffel Saft. Discover an upgraded version of Pokemon Emerald with new areas, new locations, 21 starter option, mega evolution, exp share all and extra features.


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Pokemon Inclement Emerald Completed GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Buffel Saft
  • Base ROM: Emerald
  • Language: English
  • Latest Version: v1.13 (Custom Ui update 1.5)
  • Last Updated on: April 02, 2022
  • Status: Completed

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Pokemon Inclement Emerald is intended to offer a modern, more challenging take on the Hoenn region, and is full of quality-of-life improvements, new systems that streamline Pokemon training, and extra events that should freshen things up a little.



  • Most non-legendary Pokemon from gen 1-7 can be obtained, with the missing Pokemon and all of Generation 8 planned for a future version.
  • New ways to find Pokemon keeps the grass from getting crowded – most routes will have eight Pokemon species found in the grass, with more found in Cut trees, sand mounds and berry trees.
  • Choose any of the regional starters at the start of the game! Before choosing a starter, you’ll be asked which region you want your starters to come from, and then you can pick one of the three from that region. Be careful not to fast forward your way through the early game and skip this choice!
  • Pokemon that normally evolve by trading have alternate evolution methods.


Thanks to Dizzy Egg and RHH, Inclement Emerald features most new moves, abilities, items and mechanics from gen 4-7. This includes Mega Evolution, but not Z-moves. It’s still a WIP so there will be some bugs, but hopefully nothing game-breaking!


Inclement Emerald uses TheXaman’s Pokedex Plus, which shows base stats, learnsets, egg moves and more, all in game!


Certain fan favourites like Milotic and Flygon can finally mega evolve – complete with custom sprites and cries – and more will be added in future updates. Some Gigantamax forms have also been repurposed as megas.


Like Gen 8, all party Pokémon will get EXP when you battle, and this can’t be turned off. However, it works a little differently:

  • All Pokemon that appear in a battle get 100% of the EXP
  • Pokemon that didn’t battle will get 25% of the EXP
  • Holding an EXP Share increases that to 100% EXP

This makes it easier to train a full team, and lets your whole party gain EVs quickly.


Weather-inducing abilities like Drought and Drizzle create endless weather again, but the damage bonus from sun and rain has been reduced to 20%. The goal behind this was to make defensive weather abilities like Ice Body and Sand Veil better options, while reigning in Swift Swim and its clones a bit. It also gives you a chance to play around with mons like Hydration Goodra that would have beenmuchbetter if they’d been around for the weather wars in Gen 5!
Additionally, Ice Types receive a 50% defense boost in Hail. Even though this change is a bit of a meme at this point it really does help all those slow, defensive Ice types!


  • Inclement Emerald features a custom list of 100 TMs, 8 HMS, and a whopping 143 tutor moves! Some of these are entirely new, such as Meteor Mash, Quiver Dance and Freeze-Dry. Note that “only” 126 of these tutor moves are currently available, as some of them are unfinished gen 8 moves.
  • Generic tutor moves are all taught by an NPC found in every Pokémon Center. They’re all free, and you’ll unlock new moves after each badge you earn.
  • Special tutors like Grass Pledge, Blast Burn and Draco Meteor are found elsewhere and may have extra requirements to be taught.
  • And of course, TMs are infinitely reusable.


The Rebalanced Version includes changes to base stats, types, moves, movepools, items and abilities to make many Pokémon stronger. This version also includes a few entirely new moves and abilities. These changes are almost entirely taken from my earlier hacks, Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon, but some also come from Drayano’s hacks and Luuma’s Altered Emerald. A few examples include:

  • Overgrow, Blaze, Torrent and Swarm provide a 20% damage boost to their respective types at all times. This increases to 50% at low HP.
  • The Big Root doubles HP recovered from certain moves.
  • The Light Ball also works on both Raichu forms, but gives them a 50% damage boost instead of the 100% that Pikachu gets.
  • Bonemerang can hit airborne targets (but doesn’t knock them down like Thousand Arrows does).

The Standard Version is currently a WIP and isn’t playable yet. In my other hacks, this version removes all changes to base stats, typing and movepools, but as some of these changes (like the new tutor moves and battle engine changes) are ingrained into the hack and aren’t easy to remove, this time it won’t be as faithful to the vanilla games.
This is something I’m making just for the community, so I’d like to get some input on this – just how vanilla does the Standard Version need to be? Is removing stat and type changes enough, or will the custom megas and move tutors make it unappealing? Please let me know what you think!


  • Improved AI – opponents will switch more often, make better decisions, and understand how new moves and abilities work.
  • Trainers and wild Pokémon scale based on your party’s levels, allowing you to skip trainers or tackle optional areas at any time.
  • As of version 1.3, a level cap system keeps the scaling reasonable and makes training a full party to equal levels easier. Once a Pokémon is over the cap, it’ll only get one EXP point per KO, but will still earn EVs.
  • Every trainer has a custom moveset to ensure the level scaling doesn’t leave them with rubbish sets. Most trainers will simply use level up moves, but bosses, Ace Trainers and Veterans will commonly make use of TM, tutor and egg moves, and some will even use Mega Evolution!


  • Normal Mode: trainers have no EVs
  • Hard Mode: trainers gradually gain EVs as you progress through the game, eventually having full 510 EV spreads. Regular trainers like Swimmers and Fishermen will have “bad” spreads to keep exploring from becoming a slog, but watch out for Ace Trainers!
  • Challenge Mode: This is like Hard Mode, but with two extra rules: the bag can’t be used in trainer battles, and the Shift battle style is disabled.


The bag has enough space to hold 999 of every item in the game, and has more pockets to make it easier to navigate.


Almost all of the CAPSLOCK in the middle of every SENTENCE has been removed.


  • A new Key Item, the Poké Vial, can be used out of battle to fully heal your entire party. Initially it only has one use, but it’s refilled by healing at a Pokémon Center, and can be upgraded with an extra charge later on.
  • When a repel wears off, you’ll be prompted to use another one.
  • Healing items can be used repeatedly, without returning to the bag after each use.
  • Auto run – this can be toggled on or off by pressing the “R” button. You can also hold B while it’s on to walk, or to run when it’s off.
  • You can also hold B to surf faster!
  • New hybrid HM system: you can still use HMs as normal, but there’s now an alternative: whenever you beat a Gym Leader, they’ll allow you to call one of their Pokémon to use an HM move for you, so you can use HMs without having any Pokémon that know the move. This applies to all HMs except Fly and Flash, which can be used by any Pokémon that can learn them without actually knowing the move.
  • On top of that, Fly can be used in the overworld without any badges.
  • Get a free Premier Ball for every ten Poké Balls you buy, of any kind! E.g. if you buy 30 Ultra Balls, you get 3 Premier Balls free.
  • Buy healing items, Poké Balls etc. in Pokémon Centers. Marts now sell consumable held items like gems and Focus Sashes.
  • Like Sword and Shield, the move reminder, name rater and move deleter are all one NPC that can be found in every Pokémon Center. You can even rename other trainers’ Pokémon!
  • Friend Balls make Pokémon very friendly when caught – if they evolve via friendship, they’ll be already be friendly enough to evolve!
  • Dream Balls will give Pokémon their hidden ability when caught.
  • The chance of encountering a shiny Pokémon has been increased to 1/1024.
  • IVs and EVs can be viewed on the summary screen – press “A” to cycle between stats, IVs and EVs.


  • All berry trees have significantly increased yields, and some of them grow much faster.
  • Berries planted on rainy routes or in the Berry Master’s garden don’t need to be watered – they’ll always give you the maximum amount of berries.
  • You can also encounter wild Pokémon when checking a berry tree, with a different set of mons available at each stage of growth.


  • The power training items can be bought in Slateport.
  • EV reducing berries are found early, have massive berry yields, and grow extremely quickly – one hour per stage!
  • Two new NPCS, Evie and Ivy, can painlessly modify your Pokémon’s EVs and IVs. Evie can be paid money to increase EVs, and will reset them to zero for free. Ivy will change a Pokémon’s IV to 0, 1, 14, 15, 30 or 31 for the price of a Bottle Cap. She can also can change all of a Pokémon’s IVs at once to give them a new Hidden Power type, so you don’t need to know the IV combination for the type you want.
  • The nature changer can be found in Slateport City, and will change a Pokémon’s nature for 5 Oran Berries.
  • An improved version of Sword and Shield’s egg move transferral system allows you to pass egg moves between any Pokémon that share an Egg Group – they don’t need to be the same species!
  • The daycare has been updated to modern standards – you can pass down natures, balls, moves and IVs exactly as you would in Sword and Shield.
  • As of version 1.7, all wild, gift and static encounter Pokémon have at least three perfect IVs, guaranteed.
  • Also added in version 1.7: Vitamins now boost IVs instead of EVs. E.g. using a Calcium will raise a Pokémon’s special attack IV by 8.


A few maps, like Petalburg Woods and Scorched Slab, have been expanded with new areas, and there are also a few all-new locations. This helps to spread out Pokémon species and keep grassy patches from getting too crowded. Some of the new maps also serve as homes to Legendary Pokémon that wouldn’t normally be found in Emerald.


  • All Gym Leaders can be rematched daily, and you can choose to battle them in singles, doubles, and with or without Legendary Pokémon. There’s no need to wait for them to call you, simply talk to them after becoming Champion.
  • The Elite Four can also be rematched with the same options as Gym Leaders.
  • Brendan/May can be rematched daily on Route 103.
  • And more!

Change Log

v1.13 Custom UI Update 1.5

  • This is the same v1.13 edition, but with additional patches for custom Pokemon Combo Type Forms and other features provided by the official creator’s server! (Some Bugs May Occur Due To The New UI)
  • Some Previous Bugs That Were Reported Has Been Fixed!
  • Quality Of Life Improvements In-Game!
  • NPC’s For Other Custom Functions At Littleroot Town!
  • And Much More With Custom UI Update!

Download Pokemon Inclement Emerald

v1.13 with Custom UI Update 1.5


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Pokemon Inclement Emerald (v1.13) GBA Download - PokeHostel (2024)
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