Parent & Family Connection (2024)

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Parent & Family Connection (2)

Parents and familiesare equally asintegral tothe PLNU community as the students yousend. That's why —whether your student is alreadyenrolledor still considering PLNU —we'd love foryou to stay connected!

This page is a dedicated hubtoprovidingparents and families of current and future students withimportant information, resources, and events. You can contactus anytime at parents@pointloma.eduor (619) 849-2512.

Presidential Search Updates

Find the latest developments on the search for PLNU's15th president.The Search Committee will be providing updates throughout the process.

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Coronavirus(COVID-19) Updates

Find the latest developments on the Coronavirus, resources for parents, and other helpful info at our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page.

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As a parent or family member, you're there through it all. That's why you deserve every reasonto joinyourstudent(s) and the campus communityfor a variety of events and milestones. From the first weekend atWelcome Week to Family Weekend and the annual Homecoming , and finally to the culminationof all thathard workatCommencementin the Greek Amphitheatre.

Parent & Family Connection (3)

Students and their families learn to navigate the coming years at PLNU during Welcome Week.

Parent & Family Connection (4)

Parents and families get to reconnect with their students during Family Weekend.

Parent & Family Connection (5)

Student movers unload luggage from the car to the dorm during Welcome Week.

Parent & Family Connection (6)

Commencement is as much a celebration for parents and families as it is for the graduates they supported.

Parent & Family Connection (7)

Students, families, and alumni are invited to collectively gather, celebrate, and worship during Homecoming.

Parent Payment

For parent payment and information, click here for instructions.Your student must initiate the account setup and permissions for you before you can sign in and make payments.

Student Financial Services

Forms, document, FAQ's, and more are available in theOffice of Undergraduate Student Financial Services

Your Student’s Wellness

Once your student is on campus, he or she will have access to health and wellness services and resources, such as counseling.

Parents of Students with Disabilities

The transition into a university setting can be stressful for any student, but for parents of students with disabilities, unique concerns may also be present. The Educational Access Centercan help make the transition smoother.

SendMail to Your Student

To mail your student a letter or package, please include his or her full name (not nickname),ATTN: Mail Services,and the university address. It’s also a good idea to get a tracking number on any item of value.

John L. Smith
ATTN: Mail Services
3900 Lomaland Dr.
San Diego, CA92106

All packages received by mail services are entered into our system. Once we have done this, your student will receive an email stating that he or she hasa package. Package pickup is openMonday throughFriday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

All letters will also be available at package pickup.

PLNU Partners & Resources

PLNU Bookstore

Visit the official PLNU bookstore where you canfind the perfect apparel, accessories,and dorm essentialstosportyourPLNU pride!

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Zipcar allows your studentto reserve a car as needed to get around town or even a tripback home! With a hub right on campus, signing up and getting started is easy.

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Get access to the on-campus ATM by banking with America’s Christian Credit Union. To sign your student up today, call 1(800) 449-7728.

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Jensen's Foods

PLNU students can enjoy a discount at Jensen's, our local grocery store, on any purchase by showing their student ID card.

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Campus Tours

Find out what makes PLNU unlike any other! Learn about the variety of ways to visit campus that's best for you — from virtual tours and info events to in-person and sunset tours.

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Bartell Hotels

PLNUoffers a specially reduced rate at a variety of Bartell Hotels in the San Diego area. Rates are based on availability, and all appropriate taxes and hotel fees apply. Ask for the "PLNU rate" at the time of reservation, and,in return, Bartelldonates a percentageto PLNU's University Fund for student scholarships.

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San Diego Zoo & Safari Park

Enjoy discounted tickets to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park for the whole family! To use our PLNU family and friends discount, visit the ticket sitebelowand enter the code: plnu-40392.

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What to do in San Diego

The surrounding San Diego area offerspractically perfect weather, miles upon miles of beaches, scenic wilderness areas, and countless places to eat and explore.

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Important Contact Information

Wellness Center & Counseling Services
(619) 849-2574

Tutoring Center
(619) 849-2593

Information Technology Services (ITS)
(619) 849-2222

Disability Resource Center
(619) 849-2533

Student Financial Services
(619) 849-2538

Public Safety
24-Hour Assistance: (619) 849-2525

Support can also be found in the PLNU Knowledge Base. Please note that students must be logged into their PLNU account to access the Knowledge Base.

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Parent & Family Connection (2024)


What are your relations with parents and other relatives? ›

They are the one who always care us, needs us,do anything for us. I maintain a good relationship with my parents. I share most of the things with my parents and my feelings ,thoughts, ideas. Even my parents shares with me some things.

What is your family status answer? ›

Sample Answer 1

I come from a family of four, including my parents and younger brother. My parents are both hard-working and dedicated to their family. My father is a doctor, and my mother is a teacher. They have always instilled in me the importance of education, hard work, and perseverance.

How to respond to how are you and your family? ›

I generally answer the question with a positive response like, “we are all doing fine, thank you”. If it is someone I know and familiar with problems and issues I've had, I'll answer with more candid details. I won't belabor the problems to look for a sympathetic reaction but I will be honest and forthright.

Why is parent connection important? ›

Importance of parent-child relationships

A secure attachment with parents helps promote a child's cognitive, emotional and social development. It also helps kids exhibit positive social behaviors.

What is a strong sense of family connection? ›

Strengthening family bonds means creating a deeper connection between family members and deepening the bonds of love, respect, trust, and understanding. It can involve activities that bring the family together, such as shared meals, game nights, or outings.

How do you explain family relations? ›

Family of origin refers to people who are related by blood or legal bonds and may include parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. Family of orientation refers to people who share the same home and are connected to each other by blood, legal bond or commitment.

How do you write 5 sentences about family? ›

  1. I have a wonderful family.
  2. There are six members in my family.
  3. The members of my family are my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, younger sister and me.
  4. My father is a teacher and my mother is a doctor by profession.
  5. My grandfather is a retired army officer and my grandmother is a housewife.

What is your family short answer? ›

Family: A family is a group of two or more persons related by birth, marriage, or adoption who live together; all such related persons are considered as members of one family.

What is the best response to my regards to your family? ›

"Thank you, I will definitely pass on your regards to my family. They will be pleased to hear from you." Thank you for asking me. As others have pointed out, it's sufficient to thank the person and assure him/her that you will convey those regards.

What is the best answer to how is you? ›

Respond and continue the conversation
  • I'm fine, thanks. How about you?
  • Good, thanks. And you?
  • I'm good. And yourself?
  • Not bad. How are you?
  • Fine, and you?
  • I'm doing well, and you?
  • Good, how about you?
Apr 6, 2023

Why is family connection important? ›

Connection to family and friends and belonging to a community can reduce distress and loneliness. They can make a huge difference to the wellbeing of children and families.

Why is parent and family involvement important? ›

Research has shown that meaningful family engagement positively impacts youth outcomes across various domains. Parental involvement in education has been extensively studied for decades with less attention paid to the degree of involvement in other systems.

What is connection in parenting? ›

Connection-based parenting is one of the many terms to describe a relationship-based, respectful parenting philosophy that helps foster a family connection, positive, guided discipline, that aims to raise healthy, responsible, and capable adults.

What is the meaning of parents and other relatives? ›

A relative is a person who is part of your family. Parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, nieces and nephews — they're all relatives. A relative can be connected to your family through blood or by marriage.

How do you describe a relationship between parents and children? ›

The Parent-Child Relationship is one that nurtures the physical, emotional and social development of the child. It is a unique bond that every child and parent will can enjoy and nurture. This relationship lays the foundation for the child's personality, life choices and overall behaviour.

What is the relationship between relatives and family? ›

Key Difference – Family vs Relatives

Relatives are people who are related by blood or marriage. A family is a group of people, typically consisting of two parents and their children, living together as a unit. This is the key difference between family and relatives.

What is the relationship between you and your parents cousins? ›

Your parent's first cousin is your first cousin once removed.

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