Orange Theory Class Packages (2024)

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  • Choose From 3 Different Gym Membership Packages at Orangetheory Fitness, or Purchase Class Packs - 10, 20, or 30. See Which Is Right for You!

  • Choose From 3 Different Gym Membership Packages at Orangetheory Fitness, or Purchase Class Packs - 10, 20, or 30. See Which Is Right for You! 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee.

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  • At Orangetheory Fitness Canada, we have 3 different gym membership packages; Orange Basic, Orange Elite and Orange Premier. See which is right for you!

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  • Join the Best Group Fitness Classes with Orangetheory — Workout Classes Designed to Give a Full Body Workout in a Supportive Environment. Try Us for Free Today!

6. OrangeTheory Fitness Prices 2024 + Monthly Cost - Gym Bills

  • 15 jan 2024 · Basic Membership – $59 to $159 monthly; Elite Membership – $109 to $159 monthly; Premier Membership – $159 to $279 monthly. The main differences ...

  • If you want to know the latest orangetheory fitness prices 2024 + monthly cost by following this latest price list with offers here.

7. Orangetheory Prices and Review 2023 -

  • 9 jun 2023 · Orangetheory Fitness memberships have been reported to range between $59 to as high as $169 per month, depending on location and the type of ...

  • Orangetheory offers a personalized group training experience like none other. We’ve done the research to see what sets their gym apart and to answer some com...

8. Gym Membership | Orangetheory Fitness France

  • At Orangetheory Fitness France, we have 3 different gym membership packages; Orange Basic, Orange Elite and Orange Premier. See which is right for you!

Orange Theory Class Packages (2024)


How much do Orangetheory class packs cost? ›

Class Packs: Buy a package of 10 classes ($225 and up), 20 classes ($375 and up), or 30 classes ($499 and up). Prices vary by location. Basic Membership ($79 per month): Four classes per month, plus discounted add-on classes. Elite Membership ($119 per month): Eight classes per month, plus discounted add-on classes.

Do Orangetheory class packs expire? ›

Remember, our packs NEVER expire. Also, a few more days left to join as a member and get the next month free. Call the studio for more details.

How many Orangetheory classes should I do a week? ›

Therefore, Sides suggests taking three to four Orangetheory classes every week for more long-lasting results. There can be too much of a good thing, and Dr. Owens warns that overexercising can create an undesired spike in your cortisol levels.

Can you lose weight by going to Orangetheory? ›

Like most other exercise programs, Orangetheory classes may contribute to weight loss as long as you're consistent, exercise a few times per week, and achieve a calorie deficit.

How long does an Orangetheory class last? ›

Orangetheory is a 1 hour, full body workout, focused on training endurance, strength and/or power. We use Heart Rate Based Interval Training, which burns more calories post workout than a traditional exercise.

How many calories should I burn in an Orangetheory class? ›

Orangetheory: 500 to 1000 calories for a 60 minute workout

But while you can burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories during the 60-minute workout, you'll still be burning mega calories even while you fill up on post-workout Chipotle.

How many splat points to lose weight? ›

In the world of Orangetheory, Splat Points indicate minutes spent in the Orange and Red zones. Orangetheory co-founder Ellen Latham and the OTF fitness experts challenge us to aim for at least 12 Splat Points per class to achieve optimal caloric burn, even after your one-hour workout is done.

How many times do you have to go to Orangetheory to see results? ›

Did you know that the Orangetheory Transformation Challenge is scientifically designed to produce results? It's true. The challenge's length, and the workout frequency needed to complete it, are meant to hit the recommended dose of 3-4 weekly workouts proven to produce results.

How far in advance can you book Orangetheory classes? ›

How far in advance can I book a class? In your home studio, you are able to book into a class or join a class waitlist 29 days from the current date. In studios that are not your home studio, you are able to book into a class or join a waitlist up to your next billing date.

Do Orangetheory coaches get paid by attendance? ›

Coaches get paid by how many members join their classes. The fewer the members, the lower the pay. There is a max of 4 classes you can coach in a row. Highly stressful environment when trying to run 36 members through a workout using heavy weights, rowers, and treadmills.

What is the average age of Orangetheory members? ›

Orangetheory caters to gym-goers between the ages of 25-45, with their largest cohort being females between the ages of 25-49. Baby Boomers are underrepresented at Orange Theory.

Is Orangetheory 6 days a week too much? ›

Dr. Masteller recommends attending 3-4 Orangetheory classes weekly, while also being physically active on your off days. But too much of a good thing ... isn't always a good thing. Sometimes you have to step back to move forward.

Is two days a week at Orangetheory enough? ›

Orangetheory - How many times a week can you go to Orangetheory? With the Class Packs Plus, you can achieve your fitness goals by attending Orangetheory Fitness sessions 2 to 3 times a week.

Is Orangetheory Afterburn real? ›


Orangetheory is based on the science of EPOC, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. If you challenge your body at the right intensity, your body will work harder to recover oxygen lost during exercise. This revs your metabolism and makes you burn calories long after your workout is over.

Does Orangetheory get you toned? ›

Best For: Muscle Toning and Weight Loss

Like other high intensity interval training programs, OrangeTheory is designed to blast calories, making it ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight. However, OrangeTheory is great for anyone who wants to build muscle and improve overall health.

How much is an Orangetheory Fitness Band? ›

When you join Orangetheory, you'll be encouraged to buy a heart rate monitor. You will have two options: the monitor that you'll wear around your upper arm for roughly $99 or the monitor that you wear under your shirt near the bottom of your bust for roughly $70.

How to get founders rate at Orangetheory? ›

Want to know 3 the ways to get the Founders rate FOR LIFE ✨🍾🎉 ✅ UPGRADE your membership. ✅ REFER a friend to sign up. ✅ JOIN or REJOIN.

Can I pause Orangetheory membership? ›

Please contact your local studio if you have questions regarding your new recurring billing date. I do not feel comfortable coming back yet, can I extend my freeze? Members who are not ready to immediately return to the studio will have an option to re-freeze their membership for up to 3 months at no charge.

Does Orangetheory actually work? ›

In the end, Orange Theory can be highly effective for improving your cardio fitness and strength, as well as motivation and accountability. But before diving into a membership, evaluate your own needs and abilities to determine if it's the right workout program for you.

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