From Egg to Sky: Guide Obtain the Skyscale Mount in GW2 (2024)

The Skyscale is a highly coveted mount in Guild Wars 2, renowned for its exceptional mobility and exploration capabilities. Introduced in Living World Season 4, and further expanded upon in the Secrets of the Obscure (SoTo) expansion, the Skyscale has become a staple for players seeking to maximize their traversal efficiency across the vast and vertically complex landscapes of Tyria.

Importance of Skyscale in GW2

The Skyscale stands out for its unique flying and hovering abilities, allowing players to navigate vertical terrains with ease, hover in mid-air, and access previously unreachable areas. This makes the Skyscale an invaluable tool for exploring the intricate environments of Guild Wars 2, from the towering cliffs of the Shiverpeak Mountains to the deep canyons of the Crystal Desert. Its mobility is not just about reaching high places; it’s also about discovering hidden nooks, completing challenging jumping puzzles, and engaging in map-wide events with greater efficiency.

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Overview of Skyscale Unlock Methods

There are two primary methods to unlock the Skyscale in Guild Wars 2:

  1. Living World Season 4 (LS4) Method: This traditional method involves completing a series of collections and achievements associated with the Living World Season 4 storyline. It is a more time-consuming process that requires players to engage in various tasks, including collecting map-specific currencies, completing story episodes, and raising a Skyscale from an egg. Despite its lengthier nature, this method unlocks the Skyscale Mastery line, which offers additional abilities and enhancements for the mount.
  2. Secrets of the Obscure (SoTo) Expansion Method: Introduced with the SoTo expansion, this newer method provides a simplified and faster route to obtaining the Skyscale. It involves completing the “A New Friend” achievement chain, which includes finding an abandoned Skyscale egg and completing specific tasks to nurture it. This method is designed to be more accessible, reducing the time and effort required to unlock the Skyscale while still offering significant mobility benefits.

Comparing Unlock Methods

The process of unlocking the Skyscale in Guild Wars 2 can be approached through two distinct methods, each with its unique journey and set of requirements. These are the Living World Season 4 (LS4) Method and the Secrets of the Obscure (SoTo) Expansion Method.

Living World Season 4 (LS4) Method

Description: The LS4 method involves a series of collections and achievements tied to the Living World Season 4 episodes. Players embark on a comprehensive journey that includes gathering map-specific currencies, engaging in story missions, and participating in a variety of tasks to nurture and raise a Skyscale from an egg.

Steps Involved:

  • Completing the last episode of Living World Season 4.
  • Collecting Skyscale Scales, Medicine, and Eggs.
  • Feeding and raising the Skyscale, including overcoming several time-gated steps.
-Unlocks the Skyscale Mastery line, enhancing the mount’s capabilities.
-Offers a deep and immersive experience tied to the game’s lore.
-Provides additional rewards and achievements beyond just the Skyscale mount.
-Time-consuming, with several steps that are time-gated.
-Requires access to all episodes of Living World Season 4.
-Demands a significant investment in gathering map-specific currencies and materials.

Secrets of the Obscure (SoTo) Expansion Method

Description: The SoTo method simplifies the Skyscale acquisition process, introduced with the Secrets of the Obscure expansion. It focuses on the “A New Friend” achievement chain, where players find an abandoned Skyscale egg and complete tasks to hatch and nurture it.

Steps Involved:

  • Earning the “Who Rescues Whom” Mastery to start the process.
  • Finding an abandoned Skyscale egg through exploration.
  • Completing the Skyscale egg infusions and growing comforts for the hatchling.
-Faster and more streamlined than the LS4 method.
-Reduces the time and effort required to unlock the Skyscale.
-Makes the Skyscale more accessible to a broader range of players.
-Does not unlock the Skyscale Mastery line associated with LS4.
-May offer a less immersive experience compared to the comprehensive journey of LS4.
-Requires the Secrets of the Obscure expansion to access.

Prerequisites for Unlocking Skyscale

Required Expansions and Episodes

To unlock the Skyscale mount in Guild Wars 2, players must have access to specific content expansions and episodes:

  • Path of Fire Expansion: The initial requirement for unlocking the Skyscale is the Path of Fire expansion, as the mount system is introduced with this expansion. The Skyscale, being part of this system, necessitates players to have the expansion.
  • Living World Season 4 Episodes: For the LS4 method, players need to have access to all episodes of Living World Season 4. This is crucial as the Skyscale unlock process involves completing tasks and collections that are spread across the entire season.

Mastery Lines Overview

The process of unlocking the Skyscale also involves the Mastery system, which is a form of post-level 80 progression in Guild Wars 2. Here’s an overview relevant to the Skyscale:

  • Skyscale Mastery Line (LS4): Available through the LS4 method, this Mastery line provides enhancements and abilities specifically for the Skyscale mount, improving its mobility and utility. Unlocking the Skyscale via the LS4 method automatically grants access to this Mastery line.

LS4 Method: Detailed Guide

Completing the Last Episode of Living World Season 4

The journey to unlock the Skyscale through the LS4 method begins with completing the last episode of Living World Season 4, titled “War Eternal”. This step is essential as it introduces players to the Skyscale and sets the stage for the subsequent collections and tasks required to unlock the mount.

Collecting Skyscale Scales, Medicine, and Eggs

Following the completion of “War Eternal”, players embark on a series of collections that involve gathering various items related to the Skyscale:

  • Skyscale Scales: Players are tasked with finding Skyscale scales scattered across the maps of Living World Season 4. These scales are crucial for the next steps in nurturing and preparing the Skyscale for its role as a mount.
  • Skyscale Medicine: The next phase involves collecting ingredients to create medicine for the Skyscale. This step underscores the nurturing aspect of the unlock process, emphasizing the care and effort required to raise a Skyscale.
  • Skyscale Eggs: Finally, players must locate Skyscale eggs. This involves not only finding the eggs themselves but also ensuring they are ready for the hatching process, which leads to the next stages of raising the Skyscale.

Feeding and Raising Skyscales

After collecting Skyscale Scales, Medicine, and Eggs, the process continues with feeding and raising your Skyscale, which is a crucial part of nurturing your future mount. This stage is characterized by a series of time-gated activities that simulate the care and growth of the Skyscale.

  • Feeding Skyscale: Players are required to feed their Skyscale with specific foods, which can be gathered or crafted. This feeding process is time-gated, meaning you can only feed the Skyscale a certain amount per day. This step reinforces the commitment to raising the Skyscale, as players must return over several days to continue feeding.
  • Raising Skyscale: Alongside feeding, players engage in activities that promote the growth and well-being of their Skyscale. This includes playing with the Skyscale, cleaning its environment, and ensuring it has everything it needs to grow healthy and strong. These activities not only contribute to the unlocking process but also deepen the player’s connection to their Skyscale.

Troublesome Skyscale and Final Steps

As the Skyscale grows, players encounter the “Troublesome Skyscale” phase, where the Skyscale, now more adventurous and stronger, runs away, leading to a new set of challenges.

  • Finding the Troublesome Skyscale: The Skyscale’s curiosity and newfound abilities lead it to explore far and wide across Tyria. Players must track down their Skyscale in various locations, many of which are tied to jumping puzzles, mini-dungeons, and other challenging areas. This step emphasizes the exploratory nature of the mount and tests the player’s determination and skill.
  • Final Steps to Unlocking the Skyscale: Once the Troublesome Skyscale has been found and its curiosity satisfied, players move on to the final steps of the unlock process. This includes crafting or acquiring a Skyscale Saddle, which symbolizes the readiness of both the player and the Skyscale for their upcoming adventures together. Completing this phase and equipping the saddle marks the culmination of the journey, officially unlocking the Skyscale as a mount.

SoTo Expansion Method: Simplified Process

The Secrets of the Obscure (SoTo) Expansion introduces a simplified and more accessible method for unlocking the Skyscale mount in Guild Wars 2. This streamlined approach is designed to reduce the time and effort required, making the Skyscale more attainable for players.

Mastery Track: Who Rescues Whom

The journey to unlock the Skyscale through the SoTo method begins with the “Who Rescues Whom” Mastery track. This track is a prerequisite for starting the “A New Friend” achievement chain, which is central to the SoTo Expansion method for acquiring the Skyscale. Players must first complete this Mastery to unlock the ability to find an abandoned Skyscale egg and begin the process of nurturing it to maturity.

Finding an Abandoned Skyscale Egg

The next step in the SoTo Expansion method involves finding an abandoned Skyscale egg. Unlike the LS4 method, which requires players to engage in a series of collections and tasks across multiple maps, the SoTo method focuses on locating a single abandoned egg. This egg is the key to starting the “A New Friend” achievement and can be found in specific locations within the expansion’s maps. The search for the abandoned egg emphasizes exploration within the new areas introduced in the SoTo expansion, encouraging players to familiarize themselves with the new content while on their quest to unlock the Skyscale.

Skyscale Egg Infusions

Once the abandoned Skyscale egg has been found, players must complete a series of infusions to ensure the egg’s health and eventual hatching. The Skyscale Egg Infusions involve gathering specific elements and substances from around Tyria to imbue the egg with the necessary properties for a healthy Skyscale. These infusions include elements such as fire, ice, and magic, each representing a challenge that players must overcome to gather the required materials. The infusion process is designed to be more straightforward than the LS4 collections, focusing on specific tasks that can be completed in a more condensed timeframe.

Growing Comforts and Saddle Materials

After completing the Skyscale Egg Infusions, players move on to ensuring their soon-to-be Skyscale has all the comforts and materials needed for its growth and the crafting of its saddle, pivotal for its transformation into a mount.

Growing Comforts

This phase focuses on gathering a variety of items to cater to the growing Skyscale’s needs. Key items include:

  • Skyscale Food: Essential for the Skyscale’s growth, requiring players to gather or craft specific food items.
  • Comfort Items: Items like toys and blankets to ensure the Skyscale feels secure and comfortable in its environment.
  • Combat and Survival Items: Ensuring the Skyscale is prepared for the dangers of Tyria, including defense mechanisms and survival gear.

Players are tasked with not only gathering these items but also engaging in activities that promote the Skyscale’s health and happiness. This stage symbolizes the nurturing relationship developing between the player and their Skyscale, reinforcing the bond that will carry into their adventures together.

Saddle Materials

Crafting the Skyscale Saddle involves collecting materials from various sources across Tyria. This includes:

  • Provisioner Tokens: Obtained from Faction Provisioners, these tokens are exchanged for critical saddle components.
  • Map-Specific Currencies and Items: Players must gather unique items and currencies from different maps, emphasizing exploration and participation in map-wide activities.
  • Crafting and Gathering: Some materials require players to engage in crafting disciplines or gather materials from specific locations.

Rising Spirits Mastery and Final Steps

The final stretch towards unlocking the Skyscale involves the Rising Spirits Mastery, which is part of the Flight Training Mastery line introduced in the Secrets of the Obscure (SoTo) expansion. This Mastery represents the culmination of the player’s efforts in nurturing and preparing their Skyscale for flight.

Rising Spirits Mastery

To unlock the Skyscale, players must complete the Rising Spirits Mastery, which enhances the Skyscale’s abilities, making it ready for the skies of Tyria. This Mastery signifies the Skyscale’s readiness and the player’s understanding of their mount’s capabilities, marking a significant milestone in their journey together.

Final Steps

Upon completing the Rising Spirits Mastery, players are tasked with a series of final steps that symbolize the completion of the Skyscale’s training and preparation. This includes:

  • Finalizing the Saddle: Crafting or assembling the final pieces of the Skyscale Saddle, ensuring the Skyscale is equipped for the adventures ahead.
  • Ceremonial Activities: Participating in activities that celebrate the bond between the player and their Skyscale, marking the official unlocking of the Skyscale as a mount.

Essential Tips for Efficient Unlocking

Unlocking the Skyscale in Guild Wars 2 is a journey that requires patience, strategy, and a good understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here are essential tips drawn from comprehensive guides to help you efficiently unlock this versatile mount:

Setting Expectations and Taking Your Time

  • Low Expectations: Approaching the Skyscale collection with low expectations can significantly enhance your experience. Understand that unlocking Skyscale is not a quick process; it involves a series of collections and tasks that take time. By setting realistic expectations, any progress made feels rewarding.
  • Pacing Yourself: Don’t rush. The Skyscale unlock process is designed to be completed over time. Attempting to rush through it can lead to frustration. Taking it at your own pace allows for a more enjoyable experience and reduces the feeling of it being a grind.

Utilizing Other Mounts Like the Griffin

  • Griffin for Mobility: Having the Griffin mount unlocked and available can be incredibly beneficial for the Skyscale unlock process. The Griffin’s ability to glide and dive makes reaching certain collection points much easier. It helps in traversing large distances quickly and can even simplify some of the jumping puzzles or high-altitude locations required for the Skyscale collections.

Managing Resources for Skyscale Food and Treats

  • Skyscale Food: Skyscale food is an essential part of the raising process. Crafting or acquiring Skyscale food requires resources like Charged Quartz Crystals. Planning ahead to gather or craft these items is crucial. It’s suggested to start charging Quartz Crystals daily as you can only charge one per day at a hero point.
  • Extra-Pungent Skyscale Treat: These treats can be used to bypass certain challenging parts of the Skyscale Lost collection. Although they are not cheap, investing in a few can save a significant amount of time and effort, especially for locations that are difficult to reach or for events that are hard to complete.

Leveraging Return to Achievements for LS4 Currencies

  • LS4 Currencies for Skyscale Saddle: One of the steps to unlocking Skyscale involves gathering currencies from Living World Season 4 (LS4) maps. This can be time-consuming. However, the “Return to” achievements introduced in later updates offer a streamlined way to acquire these currencies. Completing specific tasks and achievements in LS4 maps as part of the “Return to” series can reward players with the necessary currencies, reducing the grind and making the process more engaging.

how to get skyscale gw2

Traditional LS4 Method:
Complete the last episode of Living World Season 4 story.
Follow the Skyscale quests which involve collecting items across Tyria, participating in map events, and completing specific achievements.
Collect map currencies from all LS4 maps, engage in activities like saving Skyscales, and raise your Skyscale by feeding and caring for it.
It requires significant effort, with activities spread over multiple days due to time-gated steps.
Secrets of the Obscure (SotO) Method:
Start by earning the “Who Rescues Whom” Mastery in the SotO expansion.
Find an abandoned Skyscale egg in the new maps, which can be somewhat RNG-based.
Complete the “A New Friend” achievement by gathering various materials, defeating enemies for drops, and trading with specific NPCs.
This method is faster and requires less extensive map-wide completion compared to the LS4 method.

how to feed your skyscale gw2

You will need to craft or obtain Skyscale food, which is part of the raising process in the Skyscale quest line.
Skyscale food can be crafted at the Mystic Forge or bought from the trading post. Ingredients include Charged Quartz Crystals, which you can charge once per day at a hero point, and other materials specific to the Skyscale feeding achievements.
Once you have Skyscale food, interact with your Skyscale in the Sun’s Refuge (for the LS4 method) or as directed in the SotO method to feed it. You can feed the Skyscale a limited number of times per day, making this a time-gated step as well.

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Guild Wars 2

From Egg to Sky: Guide Obtain the Skyscale Mount in GW2 (2024)


How do you get the Skyscale mount in gw2? ›

After you obtain the saddle, Gorrik will suggest investigating a number of reality rifts to get used to flying with your skyscale, while at the same time assisting his research. You will have to travel to 27 maps and close one rift on each. After completing this collection you will unlock your Skyscale.

What are the requirements to unlock Skyscale? ›

  • Be level 80.
  • Own Path of Fire and all of living world season 4.
  • Finish episode 6 of said living world season.
  • Talk to Gorrik.
  • Do what the achievement that pops up tells you to do.
  • Repeat from 4 until you unlock it.
Apr 4, 2023

How to get a flying mount in GW2? ›

The Griffon is an owl bird-dog thing. It is the only one of the Guild Wars 2 mounts that can fly, but no higher than where it started. So you just need to find somewhere high to start and you are golden. You can unlock this after finishing the Path of Fire storyline.

How to get permanent skyscale? ›

First, complete Descent, the final story step of the War Eternal, episode 6 of the season. Once you're back at Lion's Arch, you'll receive mail from Gorrik, inviting you back to Dragonfall. Once there, you can find him next to the Skyscale Eyrie point of interest. Talk to him to begin the collection achievements.

Is it easier to get Griffon or Skyscale gw2? ›

I would get the Griffon first, it makes it easier to get the Skyscale without having to take a rental every time. Griffon is faster over distance, but the skyscale has more versatility. The Griffon all told, can be obtained after a few hours and 250g.

How do you get a mount early in gw2? ›

A: You will unlock mounts as you play through the Path of Fire story, starting with the Raptor mount upon completion of the very first instance of the story. Subsequent mounts are unlocked through the course of the expansion's story, by completing certain achievements, or through later Living World episodes.

Is Guild Wars 3 confirmed? ›

Guild Wars 3 has quietly been confirmed. Although Guild Wars 2 was first released way back in 2012, it's still one of the most popular MMOs with active servers and just last year dropped the generally well-received fourth expansion, Secrets of the Obscure, with more to come in 2024 and 2025.

How do you get your first flying mount? ›

To fly in Modern WoW, reach level 30. In WoW Classic, reach level 60 and pay 250 gold to learn Expert Riding or Flight Master's License. Purchase a flying mount from a vendor. To equip it, open your Collections journal, click on the mount, and click “Mount.” Hold down the spacebar or look up and left-click to fly.

How to get skyscale gw2 Secrets of the Obscure? ›

To start the A New Friend achievement and start unlocking your Skyscale, you need to own the Secrets of the Obscure expansion and train the first Flight Training Mastery, "Who Rescues Whom?". After that, the collection will automatically start, showing you your first step of finding an abandoned Skyscale egg.

Is Skyscale mount worth it? ›

And the skyscale makes using the griffon a whole lot easier. Is it worth it? Yeah, it's worth it. It's the most useful mount by far.

Where can I find an abandoned skyscale egg? ›

Abandoned Skyscale Nests can be found scattered around Skywatch Archipelago and Amnytas. They show up while A New Friend is active and an abandoned skyscale egg has not yet been found.

How to unlock the Griffon GW2? ›

Players must reach the Sunspear Sanctuary after completing the Path of Fire story. There, they can interact with the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal and answer "I'll see what I can do." This unlocks the "Open Skies" collections which, once completed, unlocks the griffon mount.

How to get skyscale gw2 secrets of the obscure? ›

To start the A New Friend achievement and start unlocking your Skyscale, you need to own the Secrets of the Obscure expansion and train the first Flight Training Mastery, "Who Rescues Whom?". After that, the collection will automatically start, showing you your first step of finding an abandoned Skyscale egg.

How do you get a permanent mount in Guild Wars 2? ›

Accounts with any expansion unlocked will be granted permanent access to the mount after they reach level 10 (or the next multiple of 10) on a single character. Able to leap across large distances and wide canyons. Leap distance is increased further if Canyon Jumping is trained.

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